Defeua® is an italian brand with a mission:


We love to challenge the shallowness of the fashion industry,
creating meaningful outstanding graphics
on sustainable and ethical fabrics .



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    ARTWORK STORY: A perfect balance between stripes, shapes and colours is creating a unique artwork printed on an amazing t-shirt. “ROGER” is the unique tee dedicated to Roger Federer and his great talent. All the tennis players and Roger supporters must have it. CERTIFICATIONS:  

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    ARTWORK STORY: "Local Heroes" is a t shirt design for men that don't like to wait for things to happen. They love to do and not just to talk.This amazing street concept is represented inside the wonderful game of Subbuteo. CERTIFICATIONS:  

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    ARTWORK STORY: A frame of basketball happiness on your tshirt. The graphic shows the happiness coming from the point of view of a basketball player, and it's given by the feeling of looking the ball going trough the hoop. A unique special moment. Happiness is a ball through the hoop

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    ARTWORK STORY: "WAVE" tee is the happiness for a surf lifestyle lover.A surfer is riding a big wave, challenging himself inside the tube, for a unique incredible moment. MWH is the streetwear collection created to represent happiness within different frames of life. Every design MWH is created to express moments that gives you an emotional feeling of...

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    ARTWORK STORY: "DIY" is a revolutionary sustainable t-shirt. The graphic is inspired by the famous poster "We Can do It" from J.H. Miller, but it wants to overturn an old concept.Do you really think that a woman still have to prove everyday her skills to men? Man, Do It Yourself! CERTIFICAZIONI:   

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    "MWH WAVE" - Drawstring Bag FABRIC: 100% Organic Cotton  SIZE: 39 x 46 cm COLOUR: Natural  STYLE: Drawstring bag DESIGN: "MWH WAVE" is the bag for surfers where the sense of happiness given by the surf board and the waves.Happiness is inside the tube SHIPPING: FREE to Italy. Check the shipping costs to your country HERE

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    ARTWORK STORY: A concept that wants to introduce you to the italian passion.Passion defined "rude" from who never get the chance to enjoy the love in "Camporella". "Camporella" for italian people is a hidden place where italian couples were use to go to have sex, since they didn't have the chance to do it at home. The Fiat 126 is the best icon to...

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    ARTWORK STORY: "Bambola" is the tshirt design dedicated to one of the most amazing song of Patty Pravo, one of the italian greatest artist. "Spin me around like a doll" is like a lifestyle: sweet, rock and rebel at the same time. This tee, made of bamboo viscose, is part of the collection FOR and is one of the "must have" design that you should keep in...

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