Defeua è uno streetwear sostenibile

We love to say we've chosen a clear direction: SUSTAINABILITY.
Our approach to fashion has to be as much responsible as we can.


  • Fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on our planet.
  • Too often big brands ignore an important negative fact: people that produce our clothes are often working in dangerous and unhealthy conditions, without receiving a minimum wage that is necesary for them to live a decent life.

We don't follow this absurd trend, usually followed in the name of profit.

We only collaborate with manufacturers that produce garments with international certifications that prove their respect for our planet, our life and the workers conditions.

At the same time we look for high quality garments cause we want to guarantee a product that could be durable, nice and comfortable.
That means that you will be able to wear it for a long time (take care of it, please!) avoiding to buy unnecessary colthes.

We will be all going to help the environment with a more responsible approach to shopping.
Our main garments supplier is Continental Clothing Co. Ltd, an ethic and certified company that produces the garments in different countries as Turkey and India.
All the production is monitored and controlled to respect the environment and working standards, following a sustainable and ethic philosophy.

Lo streetwear Defeua utilizza tessuti ecologiciuno Streetwear creativo e sostenibileLo streetwear Defeua è Fair Wear


Defeua® project is based on a transparent and trustworthy communication, cause we want you to be completely aware of what you are wearing.
The Hearth is on a delicate limbo due to pollution, and we strongly believe that fashion industry has to be more respectful of our planet.

From 2019 we are using only ecological fabric:

  • organic cotton
  • bamboo viscose
  • Tencel Lyocell
  • recycled fabric

We chose organic cotton and ecological fabrics, to give you a better quality and a more healthy product.

We are very happy to respect our planet, the workers condition and your skin.

You can find on our catalogue some garments made of 100% combed cotton (not organic) as they are part of the previous collection.
These product are on sale, and they will be completely replaced with organic fibers.
Anyhow also that products are Fair Wear certified.

We are aware that it's very hard to be perfect.
For that reason we keep doing research on materials and we study how to improve our brand towards a more sustainable direction.
It won't be easy but you and our planet deserve it.


Here the certifications of our supplier:

GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Organic Content Standard (OCS)

Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

FAIR WEAR Foundation

CARBON TRUST Certification

We also work with professional printers that are using ecological inks.


If you need more info about our suppliers please feel free to contact us: info@defeua.com

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