This is the best "weapon" we have to give you a 360° awareness.

Behind evey artwork there is a lot of work, to give you an original design made where every detail is important.

We recommend you to give a deep look to each design, to read its story and to discover the meaning.
That will make the design unique.


We might be considered crazy and dreamers but we believe we can change the shallowness of the streetwear industry in something more meaningful.
And from that we can change the world in better.

As we want you to be completely aware of what you wear, the graphics can't be excluded from the process.

For that reason we added to every product a label that explain to you the meaning of the graphic and its story;
the label itself is made of recycled paper, cause we can't forget our sustainable approach.

Etichetta Defeua Storia della grafica


"Above" is the t-shirt about Michael Jordan, it will make you see MJ from a completely different view.
Only your eyes can be a limit.

"Disagree" is the interpretation of a Frida Kahlo paint, to underline how the image of the rebelistic mexican artist has been used for commercial pourposes.
We decided to design her reaction to this mainstream use of her face, as we think she wouldn't agree with that.

Stripes is the collection designed with a mix of colours and stripes; the addiction of one different element create the scenario of the entire artwork.
Discover "Milano" or "Roger" Stripes, to understand how original is this collection.

We also realized a collection that plays with a generation clash.
What could happen if Peppa Pig push too much the boundaries? Also a very good guy like Charlie Brown can have enough.
This is "Too Good", one of the must have of the Toys' Revolution Collection.


Every tshirt, every hoodie or bag, might be explored in details; only in that way it will suits you perfectly.
This is our "awareness" philosophy.

Our project is dedicated to people that love their clothes and like to know them.

Ogni artwork Defeua ha una sua storia che lo rende unico. Scoprili tutti.