This is our first "weapon" in order to give you the possibility to develop a 360° awareness.

Behind every artwork there is a lot of work, to make sure that we care about every detail.

We recommend you to give a deep look to each design, to read its story and to discover the meaning behind it.
Trust us, that will make the difference on your approach to our project.


We might be considered crazy dreamers but we believe we can change the shallowness of the streetwear industry in something more meaningful.

Our project is not only about fashion, but live to rise awareness.
We are spending our days to make sure that transparency is going to be a value and not only an exception.


We decided to start from a little piece of paper.


We created our "revolutionary" ID CARD, that is making every product 360° transparent.

Every product has his own card that tells you: where the fabric is coming from, its details and its certifications, the printing technique we used and last but not least the story of the graphic.
We wanted to make the story transparent because we often see brands creating a graphic without explaining the meaning behind it.
The consumers has no other choice than accepting it.
We decide to put this approach upside down, letting people discovering everything about what they wear, to develop a full awareness.
On top of that you can also find the info about how to take care of the garment in a sustainable way, to make the product more durable.

Carta d'Identità prodotti Defeua-1Carta D'identità Defeua-Interno


"Above" is the t-shirt about Michael Jordan, it will make you see MJ from a completely different view.
Only your eyes can be a limit.

"Disagree" is the interpretation of a Frida Kahlo paint, to underline how the image of the rebelistic mexican artist has been used for commercial pourposes.
We decided to design her reaction to this mainstream use of her face, as we think she wouldn't agree with that.

Stripes is the collection designed with a mix of colours and stripes; the addiction of one different element create the scenario of the entire artwork.
Discover "Milano" or "Roger" Stripes, to understand how original is this collection.

We also realized a collection that plays with a generation clash.
What could happen if Peppa Pig push too much the boundaries? Also a very good guy like Charlie Brown can have enough.
This is "Too Good", one of the must have of the Toys' Revolution Collection.


Every tshirt, every hoodie or bag, might be explored in details; only in that way it will suits you perfectly.
This is our "awareness" philosophy.

Our project is dedicated to people that love their clothes and like to know them.

Ogni artwork Defeua ha una sua storia che lo rende unico. Scoprili tutti.