Organic cotton vs Standard Cotton


There is a question that seems simple but is not:

“What's the difference between organic and standard cotton?
Cotton comes from natural so should be sustainable anyway, shouldn't it?”

The answer unfortunately is NO.

Organic cotton is different from the standard one for many reasons.

The main one is that organic cotton is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards.

Toxic chemicals are strictly forbidden in organic agricolture and the simple reason is that they are extremely dangerous for people that work in the fields, for our planet and also for our skin as the chemicals get stuck on the fabric of our clothes.

Organic cotton also means ethic, because is based on a natural agricolture system that also means: health and equity.

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International organizations are controlling that rules are respectd by manufacturers.

For example we use organic cotton certified G.O.T.Sand OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

Organizations like FAIR WEAR Foundation control that the supply chain is following ethical working laws in several african, american and asian areas.

Being aware of the origin of our clothes is an extraordinary starting point that can really make the difference.

If you read "organic cotton" on a product label don't assume is sustainable and ecological fabric.

Carefully look at the label or feel happy to ask the brand to provide you more details and the certification of the fabric.

We jumped into the “Green Washing” era, where it's easy and trendy o talk about sustainability in fashion, but we all know that marketing and business are often leading to profit, and we must keep our eyes open.

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Why do we have to choose organic cotton?

Here some pro:

  • Toxic chemicals are forbidden
  • It's healthy for our skin
  • It's not dangerous for people that works in the supply chain
  • 91% reduction of water consumption
  • 46% less CO2 emissions
  • Soil is not damaged
  • It has a higher quality than standard cotton
  • It's softer on our skin
  • It's biodegradable (printed fabrics have a slower biodegradability time)


At the moment organic cotton is more expensive than standard cotton because of the more difficult production and because of the certifications..

Anyhow we think that we must change our approach to fashion and our culture should move to a  “buy less but better" approach, fighting the “fast fashion” industry that through made Fashion the second more polluting industry in the world.

Here the cons of using organic fabric:

  • More expensive
  • Textile must be treated carefully as it's more delicate

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