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Tencel Lyocell is fibre from Lenzing AG, an Austrian company that stands out for its commitment to research and production of sustainable fibres.

Tencel is produced through a sustainable circular process, using wood pulp (eucalyptus) as a resource.
The cellulose obtained from the pulp is processed with a (non-toxic) solvent, NMMO-monohydrate, and is heated to remove residual water (recovered and reused).
The viscose obtained is transformed into fibre and after is washed washed to recover the solvent.

Lenzing recovers and reuses about 99% of water and solvent at each cycle.

On top we must mention that the wood comes from FSC certified forests and the type of plant used requires minimal irrigation, reducing water consumption 6 times less than cotton.

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Tencel Lyocell and Lenzing have OEKO TEX 100 and EU ECOLABEL certifications.
On our products the fiber comes mixed with 50% organic cotton certified with Organic Blended Content Standard (OCS), and Fair Wear Foundation guarantees that is an ethically sustainable approach to fashion, which, as we know, is one of the big problems in the fashion industry.

The fiber is considered VEGAN OK as no animals are used in production.

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Here are the advantages of Tencel Lyocell:

  • Despite being derived from a chemical process, it has a very low environmental impact
  • The wood comes from FSC certified forests
  • Cultivation requires much less water than cotton
  • It is produced in a circular process that greatly reduces water consumption
  • It is Biodegradable (printed fabrics have longer biodegradation times though)
  • It is soft on the skin, elastic and durable
  • Does not cause allergies


Tencel has no particular cons, except for the purists of natural fiber, as it is not a 100% organic fabric, requiring synthetic processing.
The very low environmental impact of the chemical substances used, however, means that it is considered absolutely ecological, sustainable and not harmful to human health.

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