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Photo Credit: Mirko Blicke (Unsplash Website)


Bamboo Viscose is a synthetic fibre obtained by a chemical process from the cellulose of bamboo, that is obtainable  by crushing the fiber of the plant.
A chemical process transforms the cellulose into viscose and later into the textile fiber, ready for spinning.
It is therefore really important that the fabric has the certifications to ensure that the fabric won't be harmful to the skin (see the paragraph about certifications).

Bamboo is a plant with many qualities, and nowadays in fashion it's a good solution for those who want to embrace a more sustainable approach.

The plant develops in height and allows a much higher yield in production than cotton.
It needs little water and does not need to be replanted as it grows spontaneously fast.
Although, because can be a pest, must be controlled during cultivation to avoid a propagation that can damage the fields.

Since it grows thanks to a warm climate, it's cultivated mainly in Asia, Africa and South America.

Sometimes it is surprising to see the annoyed face of those who discover, reading the labels, that the origin of a bamboo fibre is not our country, Italy.
But trust us, it would be more weird if someone it's telling you that.
The sentence "100% Made in Italy" that different brands like to spread to increase their sales should always be taken carefully, because it often clashes with obvious contradictions, especially regarding fabrics.

If you have any doubts we always recommend to stand up, take the courage and ask to your brands or retailers, to find out if the fabric is certified or not and which kind of certifications.

It is your right to ask.
And it's the duty of brands and retailers to inform and support you to help you make a safe and sustainable purchase.

T-shirt Defeua DIY in viscosa di bamboo e cotone biologico
La nostra DIY T-shirt for women imade of bamboo viscose and organic cotton


The bamboo viscose we use is OEKO TEX 100 certified.
The percentage of this fiber is 70% mixed with 30% organic cotton, and the garment is certified ORGANIC CONTENT STANDARD (OCS) BLENDED.

There is also the certification of the Fair Wear Foundation,
because we believe that sustainability must also include an ethical approach, that can guarantee the protection of workers in the supply chain.

Organic Content Standard certificazione
The label attached to our tees made of bamboo viscose


Here the pros of bamboo viscose:

  • Despite being derived from a chemical process has a low environmental impact
  • It grows quickly and vertically, so it requires restricted areas of soil
  • Cultivation requires much less water than cotton
  • It has antibacterial properties
  • Keeps your skin cool in summer and retains heat in winter
  • It is extremely soft and pleasant on the skin
  • Doesn't cause allergies and it is breathable


Bamboo viscose differs from 100% bamboo because it's created from a chemical process, so it should not be considered ecological and organic, but it is certainly a sustainable solution.

We can never repeat enough that of course it must always be accompanied by the necessary certifications.

Defeua Milano t-shirt in viscosa di bamboo e cotone biologico
MILANO Stripes t-shirt is made of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% organic cotton