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It is a revolutionary fiber patented by Lenzing AG, an Austrian fiber manufacturer (the same as Tencel Lyocell), which has a production philosophy that pays particular attention to sustainability.

The EcoVero comes from the processing of wood pulp through a sustainable circular process.
The main resource, wood, comes from FSC certified forests, mostly located in Austria and Bavaria.

It is an eco-responsible viscose produced with a system that reduces by 50% CO2 emissions and 50% water consumption, therefore much more sustainable than traditional viscose.
The fiber has obtained the EU ECOLABEL certification as evidence of a constant commitment to a production process that is truly responsible towards our environment.



Our garments containing Ecovero are certified OEKO TEX Standard 100 and Organic Content Standard (OCS) Blended, being present in our products with a percentage of 70% EcoVero mixed with 30% organic cotton.

Obviously they are also sustainable from an ethical point of view, through the certification of the Fair Wear Foundation.

Defeua Tshirt Stuck in ecovero e cotone bio - Dettaglio


HEre the reasons why you should choose a garment made of Ecovero:

  • In production, the water consumption is reduced by 50% compared to traditional viscose.
  • The wood comes from FSC certified forests
  • Requires significantly less water consumption even compared to traditional cotton
  • The production process is sustainable and EU ECOLABEL certified
  • CO2 emissions into the environment are also reduced by about 50%.
  • It is biodegradable - Biodegradability time: 3 months approx. (it should be considered, however, that fabrics with prints have a higher biodegradation time)
  • It is exceptional to the touch
  • It is resistant and leaves a feeling of freshness and lightness on the skin


The EcoVero has no particular disadvantages.
However, it should be mentioned that it is not a natural fiber but an artificial fiber derived from natural resources.
The production process is absolutely sustainable, controlled, and transparent.

Defeua Stuck - T-shirt in Ecovero

STUCK T-shirt is made of Ecovero and organic cotton