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We have been following Sea Shepherd's fleet for a long time.
Following them has allowed us to discover the many dangers that our oceans are running at the hands of human selfishness.

We no longer want to stand by and watch without taking action.

Riding the waves of our creativity, we are "sailing" with the great Sea Shepherd fleet and we have created a campaign that can concretely support them.

From here "FIN" was born, a t-shirt on a mission that wants to bring light on a serious problem: "shark finning".


Shark finning is a type of fishing in which the shark is caught, deprived of its fin and often thrown into the sea still alive.

Are you also wondering where is the (il)logical sense of this fishing?

The shark fin has a high commercial value, and is in great demand as it's the main ingredient of a fine Asian soup.

Europe has become one of the main protagonists of this trade, causing an extremely negative impact on our planet and putting at serious risk the existence of one of the most important species of our marine ecosystem.

Strage di squali spinnati illegalmente

Photo provided by Sea Shepherd Italia (


Defeua® FIN t-shirt, la maglietta che supporta di Sea Shepherd

The outstanding graphic "FIN", a t-shirt on a mission

FIN has been created to generate awareness about the shark finning issue and to help Sea Shepherd to protect our oceans!La sua grafica, particolarissima, si compone di diversi elementi che trasformano questa maglietta in un manifesto dal messaggio potentissimo. 

Discover the details of the graphic and our project: 
Campagna FIN.PDF


It's very easy!

By purchasing FIN t-shirt you will be an active protagonist in the defense of our oceans.

For each FIN t-shirt sold we will donate 10% to Sea Shepherd to support them in their initiatives.

FIN la t-shirt di Defeua® che protegge gli squali

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Every month we will make a donation to Sea Shepherd Italia and we will show you here the progress of our campaign.

Last update: 1 September 2020


Sea Shepherd is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to stop the destruction of natural habitat and the massacre of wild species in the world's oceans, with the aim of preserving and protecting the ecosystem..

Founded in 1977 in the United States by Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd has over the years built an extraordinary fleet of boats that fight tirelessly to defend our oceans, supported by the contributions of many extraordinary people.

Watch the video from Sea Shepherd:

Video Sea Shepherd

Video tratto dal canale YouTube Ufficiale di Sea Shepherd


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Gassa D'Amante Boutique, Valentina O., Davide C., Luca C., Andrea C., Manuel B., Francesco C., Christian P., Luca B.

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