"Normal" biography
of a different streetwear brand

That Day i was walking around browsing through many shops, looking for a new outstanding t-shirt.
Big brands, many tees but all meaningless and without any soul.
I was looking for a t-shirt that could yell to me:
"You have met me. Now wear me and let's change the world."

I wasn't that ambitious.

The Trip

Londra, Il viaggio e la Urban Jungle

An idea.
I quit my safe job in a office, a very good salary, a great time schedule and bought a flight to London.

"You are CRAZY" they tell him.

Graphic design studies, screen printing training, painting courses, books, a job in a coffee house, crazy hours, the stressful life of a hectic city like London.
But also creativity, street art, urban life, fashion, people from everywhere in the world, the amazing energy around every corner.

Time is running and the idea is getting a shape.

Welcome Defeua

Defeua, le prime tshirt e il packaging

I decided that was time to get back to Italy.
"You are crazy" they told me.
The return brings interviews with big design companies, many beautiful words and potential projects but no jobs.
It's not because of the crisis. It's a matter of what he really wanted to do.
Follow my own dream. Now there's the ambition. Now it's time for a decision.
Creativity and design as a way to express and communicate, and the streetwear as a tool to realize a big project,
a potential mission impossible:

use clothing to communicate and fight the shallowness of fashion industry

The project could only start from a simple tee and from the streetwear culture, the source of a lot of inspiration.

March, year 2016. Defeua® is born
"You are crazy" they kept telling me.

The Name

The name "defeua" comes from the dialect used in Genoa, and it reminds you to the brand roots.
"de feua" means "outside" and in slang culture "crazy".
"Crazy" seems to be the latest changes and decision in Luca's life and "out of ordinary" is the decision to create a project that goes against the habits of the streetwear world and fashion industry standards.

The Logo

The first logo tells you the real essence of the brand.
A squared "D" reminds you the initial letter of the name,
but the main point is that the real menaing is outside what you immediatly could see.
If you carefully look the "negative space" around the "D", you should start to see a sleeve of a t-shirt and your imagination starts to create the tshirt itself.
That wants to represent the important role of going deeply through everything we see, and avoid to stay on the surface.
Can you see the t-shirt now?

Defeua Official Logo

Step by Step

This little streetwear brand is growing day by day going through decisions, mistakes, learning, improvements, goals, dreams.

But the WHY THE BRAND WAS BORN stays always there.

From few graphics and t-shirt we moved to different styles, colours, hoodies, sweatshirts and bags.
Quality of garments is always on top of our production and ecology became a fundamental of the project.
Word of mouth, events, street markets, shops and the creation of our e-commerce
Everyday is a new step.
Every person i met helped and motivated me to understand that this mission is not so impossible.

If you stop and stand, world won't change in better.
Thanks for being yourself.

Stay Aware
Luca B.